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Using Envoy to deploy website on the remote server

Envoy is a simple tool developed by the Laravel team. It is designed to perform task like deploying a website on a remote server, e.g. your VPS.

How does it work?

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Linode VPS doubled the storage!

Linode doubled the storage space for all customers, according to their company blog post. I can’t believe it, they actually give away resources for free! (well…not exactly free, but they charge absolutely NOTHING for existing customers). Pretty Impressive!

The new Linode lineup:

  • Linode 1GB disk space increased from 24GB to 48GB
  • Linode 2GB from 48GB to 96GB
  • Linode 4GB from 96GB to 192GB
  • Linode 8GB from 192GB to 384GB
  • Linode 16GB from 384GB to 768GB
  • Linode 32GB from 768GB to 1.5TB
  • Linode 40GB from 960GB to 1.875TB

In fact, this is not the first Free upgrade they offer, not long ago they doubled the memory, for me, from 512MB to 1024MB!  This blog is running on a VPS provided by, I have been using them for almost a year now. Their service is exceptional I would say, Fast setup time (within minutes), stable network, Easy-to-use yet featured-packed Dashboard and Great Support services. And most importantly for we customers, it’s surprisingly cheap. I recommend all of you to use Linode when you consider a VPS/Cloud Server. They’re not the fastest server in my region (I live in Hong Kong), there are tones of local providers I could choose from, but I still choose Linode for their premium service.


  1. Go to Register Linode with my code
  2. Linode Offical Website
  3. Linode Blog » Storage Space Doubled!

Password-less SSH login to your VPS

A lot of Web devs and App devs probably login to their VPS or Cloud Server with SSH very frequently to deploy their apps or maintain the server. Needing to type the password everytime could be crumblesome and insecure. I’ll show you how to how to setup password-less SSH login and some more practical usage. This article applies to Linux and Mac users.

The steps

In your machine, use the following command