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Migrating to “Docker for Mac” from Toolbox

As Docker for Mac becomes available, it’s about time to ditch Docker Toolbox which requires a VM running in background. The migration is surprisingly easy. The Official doc recommend you to read this article “Docker for Mac vs. Docker Toolbox“, while I think it’s a pretty good read, I will simply tell you the steps to migrate if you just need the info.

Download the Docker for Mac

If you haven’t, download the Docker for Mac and drag the app into your /Applications

Only 1 step

If your hard disk has enough space, just run the newly downloaded app. It will ask you if you like to migrate your data from Docker Toolbox (Docker machine to be exact), Say Yes and here you go. It’s already done. (of course, if you want a clean slate, just say No)


Maybe 1 more

You will want to remove the old containers and images still occupying your Disk space, since you have copied to the new location on your Mac, you can safely remove all of them.

if you want to see how much space used, run this

To just remove it

Puff, Done!

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