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Solving Genymotion “unable to connect to your virtual device” Error

So I know you are here because you get this error message while starting a Genymotion Device.


First you should go check your firewall settings as suggested in the Genymotion FAQ. Other than that, if the problem still persist, 9/10 it’s the problem of your Host-only adapter settings. Here’s how to correctly set it.

1. Open VirtualBox, Go to File-> Preferences…


2. Network -> Host-only Networks, you should see 1 item (if there’s none, create one)


3. Follow this settingsvbox3


4. Select your VM -> Settings -> Network -> Disable the Network Adapter (It will be re-configured by Genymotion)


5.  Start the Android Image again in Genymotion UI (not in Virtualbox), It should work now!


You can ask me for help if it doesn’t work for you, leave your comment down below and I’ll be replying you soon.


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1.Delete the “Virtualbox host only Ethernet Adapter”

2.Run genemotion Virtual machine ( Not that one in virtualbox)

3. It will configure network automatically

Hope it works

hI – I tried connecting using >> player.exe –vm-name “device name” but its not launching the device however from genemotion UI it is launching. Can you plz help.

Thanks for your post. I tried the exact same settings and followed your post. However, I’m still seeing the same “Unable to connect to the virtual device. GenyMotion will now close. Please check VirtualBox network configuration.”

Can you please help?

I solved this issue. In the VBox preferences remove the entry under Preferences>Networks>Host Only networks. Genymotion will recreate it the next time it runs. I had one entry there called vboxnet0. Once removed, I restarted my genymotion simulator and it works fine.


Thx for the post. I have Yosemite, VirtualBox 4.3.20, and free version of Genymotion 2.3.1. Went to VBox and went to system > preferences > network and deleted the vboxnet entry. I also went to every VM and made sure the host based network settings had the checkbox of ‘enable network service’ unchecked. Still doesn’t work. Any thoughts?

please i need your help. i cant make my virtual phone connect to the internet, please help me on this, am using windows 7 32bit, please help from anybody? i really love this app so much, please help about it, thanksss

For those still having problems: try disabling your virus software’s firewall to see if that is the issue. That worked for me. Only by disabling my Norton Internet Security’s “Smart Firewall” and restarting my computer did my VirtualBox issue do away (previous restarts while keeping the firewall up didn’t resolve the issue). I’ve noticed that *sometimes* (for reasons I don’t understand) the firewall software gives me issues, often around the time I update the virus software. The firewall was also preventing my Genymotion account from logging in; that was solved too.

Thank you.
it work for me.
I’ve installed norton too now I should disable smart norton firewall to run genymotion.

Problem is still here,But now the different one.

To start virtual device make sure that your video card support OpenGL 2.0 and update the driver.

1.Delete the “Virtualbox host only Ethernet Adapter”

2.Run genemotion Virtual machine ( Not that one in virtualbox)

3. It will configure network automatically

Hope it works

alright im running yosemite and i tried updating the virtual box to 4.3.20 but it didnt work so i deleted it and kept the genymotion machine no that i have virtual box 4.3.20 how do i connect it back to the genymotion machine? please help me?

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