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Microsoft killed Free Custom Domain Email Service

Not long ago <a href="http://www like” target=”_blank”>Microsoft still provides a free Outlook Email service for custom domains (@[your domain].com) from this Windows Live AdminĀ Console. Apparently Microsoft has no longer support this service, I’m not able create new accounts nor manage the existing accounts. While this is sort of expected, but I’m disappointed that Microsoft made this move without any notice.

According to this blog post, this was happened at around 11 April, 2014. Existing users are unable to login to the console. Users are advised to migrate to Office 365 which cost around $5 USD per month per user. Now I have to find an alternatives, as far as I know there’s only Zoho still provides free domain email service. I think I would choose Google over Outlook for paid Business email service. (which is also started fromĀ $5 USD price point).

Bad moves Microsoft. Bad moves…

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