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5 reason why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a poorly designed phone

Well… the Galaxy S5 was announced a few weeks ago. Most people think this phone is a bit disappointing and even Samsung knew it, because they didn’t announced this phone in a high profile announcement like the S4 and Note 3.

1. Changing the screen size for no good reason


The dimension of the display is slightly larger than the GS4 (5.1 inches vs 5 inches), which is going to be barely noticeable. From the industrial design standpoint, why would you change the screen size if it doesn’t make any difference to the users? The user does not benefit from this change but the hardware manufacturers that make accessories for Galaxy phones will be suffered because they have to make another new product just to cater this change.

2. Fingerprint scanner with outdated technology

“Because the iPhone 5S has it, we got to have it”, This is probably what the Samsung CEO was thinking. The GS5 featured a fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock the phone and process payments. Unlike the one on iPhone 5S (Touch ID), User need to swipe their finger on the sensor to read the fingerprint, I believe this is still an optical sensor. Frankly this is a bit out-dated and not as slick as the Touch ID. The sensor is located at the home button, it’s not likely to be easy to unlock the phone with one hand.

3. Useless heart rate monitor

Seriously, who needs a heart rate monitor on the back of their phone? It make sense to put the heart rate sensor on the wrist device, but on the phone? I guess not.

4. Not-so-attractive hardware design

A lot of people on the internet already make jokes about the design of the back. The gold one looks exactly like a band aid. Samsung you deserve better designs than that.


5. Lack of a reason to upgrade

One obvious question customer ask is: What can I do More by upgrading to this device? I don’t see a compelling reason. From GS4 to GS5, this is mainly specs upgrade, and the fingerprint sensor is not going to be a game changer because it doesn’t match up with the Touch ID in performance and user experience. The heart-rate monitor is pretty pointless. If you’re using the GS4, I would say just skip this and wait for the next generation.

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