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Gunnar glasses for programmers

Recently got my Gunnar Optiks Intercept Advanced Gaming Glasses, this is an entry level Gunnar glasses for gammers. The reason of this purchase is that my eyes are constantly very dry and tired due to long hours using the computer (coding and gaming :p ). I’ve heard that these two yellow-tinted pieces of glass can help relieve the eye strain for gammers and professional computer users, so I gave it a shot.

2013-12-12 13.05.53

It Works

I don’t wear glasses because my vision had been quite healthy, but the dry eyes problem bugs me for quite some time. After wearing this, I feel my eyes is less tired after a day using this. The yellow color makes the contrasts of the screen is higher, texts are easier to read. The slight magnification effect of the glasses also helps to enhance the clarity. Some people worries that the yellow colour affects the colour accuracy, but I have to say it doesn’t bother me while I’m coding or gaming. When I need to do some Photoshop, then I occasionally need to take it off to determine the real colour.

Is it worth buying?

You might say: It’s seems useful, but is it worth it? If you worries that you might get a “cheapo” yellow lens with a plastic frame, I can assure you that this is not the case. Even for this entry-level product, the frame is well-built, the image is crisp and sharp. I got this on Amazon during black friday, so it’s cheaper than usual. (About $55USD include shipping to HK) Even at the original price, it’s definitely worth it if it helps you to protect your eyes. Go to this Amazon product page to find out more.

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