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PHP “Invalid library” error related to ‘’

While I was compiling PHP from source to install the latest PHP version 5.5.4 on the OSX (10.7.5 Lion). (BTW, try not to do this at home because this can be a tedious process! )

I got the following error:

PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Invalid library (maybe not a PHP library) ‘’ in Unknown on line 0

My php.ini is from previous version, and it is located at /etc/php.ini


Compiling git from source on CentOS


You need the Perl libraries in order to compile git, you also need the “gettext” package if you encounter the “msgfmt” error


Go to this page to select the latest git, and download it

Installation Steps

There will be an error


“Can’t locate ExtUtils/” while compile git

While I was trying install the latest git by compiling the source, I got the following error

Turns out the Perl headers are missing, using yum to install it solve the problem

Update 2015-03-05:

Some said it’s related to the CPAN module, I have no idea what it is, if the above not work, try also install the CPAN by:

Android Programming Mobile

Android Activity transition slide in/out animation

This is a very common effect, however the Android framework only provides the slide in animation. This is how I implement all the sliding transition animation. There’s in total 4 XMLs to define the animation, and with the use of overridePendingTransition() in appropriate location you can implement this easily.