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How to save a PDF in Gmail attachment to Dropbox in iPad

This sounds like a common task, but the problem is that from the GMail App there is no way to directly transfer the file to Dropbox. The trick is to use Safari.

  1. First, Open the attachment, Click the “Share” button and select “Open In Safari
  2. Then, within the pdf canvas in Safari, Tap once to see the “Open In” bar and from there Select “Open in Dropbox
  3. Finally, You will be prompted a screen to select which Dropbox folder you want to save in, then it will proceed to upload
  4. There you go!

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this kind of speaks to a bigger problem – which is moving all attachments and important emails out of our inboxes. Cloud storage has better sharing and archiving capabilities. There are free tools like and their Save & Share chrome extension that let you sync your email with any cloud provider. I’ve tried them out and really enjoy the organization it adds to my email workflow.

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