Getting started with Sublime Text 2 package control

I’ll show you how to install the the “Terminal” Package in 5 steps, starting from a clean Sublime Text 2 app, if you haven’t install Sublime Text or wondering what it is, click here.

Step 1: Go to the wbond Package Control homepage, Click Install to see the Install Page, copy everything in the grey rectangle

Step 2: In Sublime Text Window, Press Ctrl + ~ to show to Sublime Text Console (or go to View>Show Console), paste the code there and hit Return (Enter)

Step 3: Now you already have the Package Control plugin installed, to use it , Press Cmd+Shift+P on your keyboard (or Tools>Show Command Palette), then Type “Package Control”, you should see different commands of the Package Control Plugin

Step 4: Choose “Package Control: Install Package”, wait for the list to load, then type in “Terminal“, here I’ll try to install a plugin that can easily open a terminal within the Sublime Text editor

Step 5: Here you go!

Package Settings

You can access the package settings here (if any), you’ll see some of the packages you’ve installed, it will be presented here if they allow any preference settings


Packages Recommendation?

You can click here to browse through the list of packages provided by the community. You can sort by Installs to see what packages most people use. My personal choice are: ZenCoding, Terminal, DocBlockr, Theme Soda, SublimeCodeIntel and some Snippets packages etc.

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