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Speed up your website with Google mod_pagespeed

In short, Google mod_pagespeed is a Apache HTTP server module that helps you optimize your web pages without changing a single lines of code in your web application.  In this article I’ll demonstrate how to get the mod_pagespeed up and running.

Note: This article is written for CentOS environment, if you’re using other Linux distros, please find the installation steps here.

Run the following commands one-by-one

Now you have already installed mod_pagespeed in your apache server, restart the apache server to make it effective. However there’s some config you may wanna change, to edit the config file, run the following command:

The following is some of my preferred changes

Reload Apache server config to make it effective

You can find more filters in the PageSpeed official website.

PageSpeed Chrome Plugin

You can install the chrome plugin here, to evaluate the performance of your website.




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