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Install MongoDB PHP driver in CentOS 6.x

To use MongoDB in PHP, you are required to install a driver extension to the PHP environment. In CentOS, it’s in fact very straight forward.

Update 2015-March:

This tutorial works for CentOS 6.x, you can also do this by the following command,

You might first need the Remi Repo if you have not, tutorial on how to install that here.

If you use CentOS 7, you can also install by the above command without installing additional repo.

Original Post (Still works, and you will guarantee using the latest version of the mongodb driver):

Prepare the tools to build PHP extensions

This step is extremely easy with yum, but if you want to use the latest version of PHP, this article does not cover that.

Get the latest MongoDB PHP driver source

The source code is hosted in GitHub, you can find it here .

 Build the driver

The following steps are also mentioned in the readme of mongodb php driver

If all went well, the should be installed in /usr/lib64/php/modules/
now go to /etc/php.d

Restart Apache to make the change effective


4 replies on “Install MongoDB PHP driver in CentOS 6.x”

In second last step you have instructed
echo “” > mongo.ini
Is it fine or it should be
echo “” >> mongo.ini
echo “” > mongo.ini
will clear the content of mongo.ini except

Thanks for pointing that out!
You’re right, at that time my mongo.ini is empty (not created), so I just run that command
If you have your own settings in the mongo.ini, better use the append operator >>

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