How to setup Eclipse (Juno) + Subclipse on 64 bit OS

If you happens to be using 64-bit OS (Windows 7 64-bit, Ubuntu, OSX Lion, Mountain Lion), you may encounter a strange warning when using SVN in Eclipse. It is because you need a 64-bit SVN client to function properly. This is a tutorial on how to do so.

Step1. Install Subclipse

After you setup your Eclipse Juno environment, you can install Subclipse via the Eclipse Marketplace, which is a slick way to install plugins in Eclipse.

Step 2. Download SVN client

There are different svn clients you can choose from: WANdisco, SilkSVN, CollabNet, Win32svn etc
In this tutorial I use WANdisco, go to the download page to get the binary setup file.
Choose the vanilla Subversion if you don’t need to extra GUI features

Step 3. Install SVN client

On OSX it should look like this:

Now you’re good to go!

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